How do I Change Caller ID on Airtel?

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Change the name on your caller ID by contacting Airtel.

Airtel is a wireless carrier based in India that offers a variety of GSM and CDMA phones. Most of their devices come equipped with caller ID, which allows you to see who is calling you before you answer the phone; it also allows the recipient that you are calling the ability to see your name and number before she answers the phone. If you want to change the caller ID on your Airtel phone, you can do so by contacting Airtel or by blocking your number before you make a call.


Step 1

Contact the Airtel customer service department and follow the prompts to speak with a representative.

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Step 2

Inform the representative of your intent to change your caller ID listing. You may be allowed to change the way your name is displayed; for example, you can go from John Doe to J. Doe or add/remove your name altogether.

Step 3

Verify your wireless account and provide the representative with the name that you want associated with your Airtel number. Wait for the representative to process your request. It may take a week before the caller ID change is enacted.


If you are looking for an immediate way to change your caller ID listing on your Airtel phone, you can dial *67 before you dial an outgoing number. This will restrict your name and phone number from showing on the recipient’s caller ID system.


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