How Do I Check My Sympatico Email?

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You can check your Sympatico email via the Web anywhere you have Internet access.

"Sympatico" is a portal of Web services and resources owned and operated by Bell Canada, Canada's largest telecommunications company. You must have an account with Bell's Internet service to obtain a Bell email address. Your Bell email address can have a "" or "" domain. Bell is actually phasing out the "" domain. While you can no longer create new email addresses with a "" domain, you can still use your existing "" email address as usual to check your Bell email and perform other tasks.


Step 1

Click the "Bell Mail" link located at the top of the Sympatico home page to open the Bell Mail sign in page.

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Step 2

Type your Sympatico ("") or Bell ("") email address in the "Windows Live ID" box. Type the password for your email account in the "Password" box.


Step 3

Select or deselect the box next to "Remember me" if you want the local computer to save your Bell email address. Select or deselect the box next to "Remember my password" if you want the local computer to save your Bell email account password. Click "Sign In" to log into your Bell email account.


Step 4

Click "Mail & More." Click on an email to read it.




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