How Do I Create a Seal or Emblem Online?

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Seals can still be embossed on stamps for use on documents.
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In decades past, a seal or emblem was a mark of authenticity. By stamping a document with a seal, other people knew the document was legitimate. Some people still use them today -- but they're no longer the essential item they used to be, and they're typically no longer required for legally-binding documents. If you want to create one for a club, organization or business, making one takes just a few minutes online.


Step 1

Navigate to a free online design tool for emblems, logos or seals, such as Speedy Stamps, Logo Genie or Logo Garden (see links in Resources).

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Step 2

Click "Design My Logo" or a similar function to get started.


Step 3

Enter the primary text -- which is often the name of your organization -- into the box or field designated as the top line of the logo. Then type the secondary text, which is often your organization's tagline or professional designation, into the field designated as the bottom line of the logo, emblem or seal.


Step 4

Select an image for the center of your logo. Some websites allow you select from images associated with certain industries, while other sites may simply ask you to upload an image from your computer. Choose an image that represents your industry. If you're a media professional, for example, you might choose an image of a typewriter or a camera. If you don't already have an image you want to use saved to your computer -- or the online tool you're using doesn't provide options -- navigate to a site that offers royalty free images, such as Creative Commons, Morgue File or (see links in Resources), and search for an image you can download to your computer.


Step 5

Select the size of your emblem or seal, based on your personal preference and where you plan to display the image.


Step 6

Choose the font, colors and any other options the website offers. Some sites offer more elaborate features than others.


Step 7

Click "Preview" or a similar function to see how the final image will look. If you're happy with the image, click "Save," "Download" or a similar option to save the image. Some sites allow you to order custom stamps, business cards or other items directly from them, while others simply provide you with a .jpg, PDF or other file which you can use on your website or provide to a printer.



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