How Do I Enter an Email Address Into My Contacts?

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Email allows you to communicate with anyone else in the world.

An email program allows you to send messages, pictures and video to people throughout the world -- all you need to do is type their email address, write your message and press send. Most email programs come with some sort of contact management system. This system allows you to record the emails of anyone you want, so that you don't have to memorize them. While each program is different, the general steps are the same.


Step 1

Open your contacts list by clicking the "Contacts" button. In Gmail, this is found on the left side of the main email browser. In Microsoft Outlook, there is a contact shortcut button located on the left-hand side.

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Step 2

Click "New Contact." In Gmail, you will find this on the left side of the page. A new screen with spaces for your contact's information will show up.

Step 3

Type in your contact's information, including his email address, name, and mobile number if you have it.


When someone emails you, your email program may give you the option to "Save Email Address." Click this to add whoever emailed you to your contact list.