How Do I Print Labels in Word?

By Aaron Parson

Microsoft Word 2013 includes layouts for hundreds of templates for printable label sheets from a range of vendors. With these layouts, Word can print a single entry onto a particular label or produce an entire sheet of labels at once. If you have a list of contacts in your Outlook address book or an Excel or Access file, Mail Merge can import the data to create a series of labels automatically. Before starting in Word, load a blank label sheet into your printer.

Things You'll Need

  • Printable labels

Manually Entered Labels

Step 1

Press "Labels" on the Mailings tab in Word and click "Options" to set up the label layout.

Step 2

Pick your type of printer, the manufacturer of your labels and the product number for the label sheet. If Word doesn't include your label sheet, press "New Label" to enter the margins by hand. Click "OK."

Step 3

Enter the data for the label or click the address book icon to choose a contact from Outlook. Pick "Full Page of the Same Label" to create duplicates of the label or pick "Single Label" and choose a location on the label sheet to print. Press "New Document" to create the label sheet.

Step 4

Make any desired tweaks in the new document, press "Ctrl-P" and click "Print" to print the labels.

Labels From Mail Merge

Step 1

Press "Start Mail Merge" on the Mailings tab and pick "Labels."

Step 2

Choose your printer type, label vendor and label product number. To enter a sheet layout manually, click "New Label." Press "OK" to create the blank label sheet.

Step 3

Click "Select Recipients" and pick "Choose from Outlook Contacts." Pick your Outlook profile and a contact folder. Alternatively, choose "Use an Existing List" to import an Excel or Access file containing contacts.

Step 4

Check the box by each contact for whom you want to create a label.

Step 5

Press "Address Block" to choose the format for your labels and to pick which parts of your contacts' addresses to include. After setting up the format, click "OK."

Step 6

Click "Update Labels" to apply the address block to every label. If your Word window is small, "Update Labels" might appear only as a small icon of cycling green arrows. Afterwards, press "Preview Results" to see the labels in their final form.

Step 7

Press "Finish & Merge" and choose "Print Documents." Pick whether to print "All" labels in the document, a specific range of labels or the "Current Record" and press "OK" to print the label sheet.

Tips & Warnings

  • To enter a label layout not included in Word, press "New Label" on the Label Options screen and enter the margins, height and width of each label, and the number of labels on each page.
  • To make adjustments to the style of a label directly from the Envelopes and Labels window, right-click the address field and choose "Font" or "Paragraph."
  • Press "Print" rather than "New Document" on the Envelopes and Labels window to print the sheet immediately.
  • After setting up and printing a Mail Merge label sheet, save the label sheet by clicking "Finish & Merge" again and choosing "Edit Individual Documents."
  • If a Mail Merge doesn't correctly display every expected field, such as addresses, press "Match Fields" on the Insert Address Block window to help Word identify the data to use.