How Do I Use Skype Through Proxy?

By Paul Higgins

Skype supports connection to its service through a proxy server to, for example, bypass restrictions on Skype traffic on your network or to hide your Internet protocol address from contacts. Configure Skype's proxy settings from the Connection Options window, which you can access by opening the **Tools** menu and selecting **Options.**

Step 1

Launch the desktop version of the Skype 11 client under Windows 8.1 or 7. Open the **Tools** menu and select **Options.**

Step 2

Select **Advanced** from the sidebar to reveal a new set of subcategories.

Step 3

Click **Connection** to access Skype's proxy settings.

Step 4

Select **HTTP5** or **SOCKS5** from the drop-down menu if Skype fails to detect your proxy settings. By default, Skype attempts to automatically detect the correct settings. However, if Skype is unable to connect to your server, you may have to enter your proxy details manually. To do so, select your proxy server type from the drop-down menu and enter its host name and port.

Step 5

Click **Enable Proxy Authentication** and enter your credentials if your proxy server does not allow anonymous connections.

Step 6

Confirm your settings by clicking **Save.** Close Skype by opening the **Skype** menu and selecting **Close.** Restart the program to connect using your new proxy settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your network administrator or proxy server provider can supply you with your proxy's host name, port and authentication credentials.
  • If your privacy concerns you, enable the "Allow Direct Connections to Your Contacts Only" check box in the Connection Settings window. This feature hides your IP address from people who are not in your contact list. According to Skype, this setting may, however, cause you to wait longer while initiating phone calls.
  • A virtual private network may, in some cases, be more convenient than a proxy server. While a proxy server only hides your IP address from the user you are communicating with on Skype, a VPN encrypts your entire Internet traffic and prevents your Internet service provider from monitoring your online activities. In addition, a VPN connection does not require you to edit the connection settings of the programs you wish to use anonymously.
  • The Modern version of Skype under Windows 8.1 does not allow you to connect through a proxy.