How Does a Wireless Security Camera Work?

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Components of a Wireless Security Camera

A wireless security camera relies on communication between video transmitters and receivers. Most new digital-video cameras come with a built-in wireless feature that allows the cameras to connect to a computer or the device being used to receive the signal. The receiver must also maintain a wireless connection to a monitor or time-lapse recorder in order for the wireless security camera to capture the feed going into the receiver.


Wireless Security Camera Frequencies

The communication between camera and receiver takes place at a frequency specific to both devices. Most wireless devices, cameras in this case, allow you to select from only four frequencies. Frequency limitations usually limit you to four cameras per location at a given frequency.


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Powering Your Wireless Security Camera

While the video signal that transfers the signal from the camera to the receiver and monitor is wireless, each of the devices (camera, receiver and monitor) still needs a power source. At this point, a totally "wireless" security camera setup is not available. Security cameras must be set up near electrical outlets.




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