How to Access an Email Exchange Server From Home

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In the workplace, many people work with an email software such as Microsoft Outlook. Many individuals don't realize that their email routes through an exchange server first before arriving in their email program. The remote exchange server functions like any other web mail service, with the difference that the server routes the mail to each worker's software program and people don't receive their mail directly from the server's website. When an employee needs to work at home, knowing how to access email directly from the server can allow him to continue to fulfill his job efficiently.


Step 1

Find out the URL of the email exchange server the employer uses. Open the homepage of the email exchange server's website.

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Step 2

Type in the personal username and password of the email recipient. The employer sets up an email profile for each employee with a username and password that allows the employee's email to arrive in his email software through the exchange server. In order to access the email from home, the employee needs to know his username and password.


Step 3

Follow the instructions on the email exchange server's website to open your Inbox and access email. Each exchange server will give the instructions that apply to their particular site, so the instructions need to be followed exactly in order to receive the mail.