How to Activate a TracFone by Entering Numbers Into a Phone

By Ashley Kurz

TracFone is a company that offers prepaid cell phones with flexible ways to pay, using airtime cards. The phones can be purchased at nationwide retailers such as Walgreen's, Walmart and even some gas stations in the electronics sections. Once you have purchased a TracFone, you need to activate before using it. You can activate your phone online, but you can also do it conveniently right from another phone by using the keypad to enter the activation codes.

Things You'll Need

  • Other phone
  • Airtime card

Step 1

Purchase an airtime card from a gas station, pharmacy or the TracFone website. This will give you a balance to start off with on your newly activated phone once you are finished.

Step 2

Plug the charger that was included with your TracFone into the phone and into an outlet. Power the phone on and allow it to charge until the battery shows full.

Step 3

Dial 1-800-867-7183 from your other phone and press "1" for English. Press "1" again to connect to TracFone's automated activation line and press "1" a final time to continue to the TracFone menu. Press "2" to to start activation.

Step 4

Say "Yes" after the automated system asks you if your TracFone is on and charged.

Step 5

Enter the serial number from your activation card, included with your phone, using your keypad.

Step 6

Enter each number that is requested by the automated system using the keypad of the phone that you are calling with to complete the activation and add minutes to your TracFone. If you are unsure of how to locate any numbers on your brand of TracFone, say "Instructions" at any time for an automated tutorial.

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