How to Activate a Used Boost Mobile Phone

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How to Activate a Used Boost Mobile Phone
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Boost Mobile has several activation options for used Boost Mobile phones. You also have the option to activate a different used phone, although it must be unlocked to use the service. After activation, you add minutes to the phone through your Boost Mobile account. The available plans are pay-as-you-go with monthly options for a preset amount of minutes and data.

Activate Online or By Phone

The Boost Mobile activate page on the company's website makes it easy to get started, and it works with new and old phones alike. Head to the activation page and access the drop-down menu. Before attempting to activate the old phone, check the service status by selecting the Check Activation Status option.

If the phone has no activation associated, return to the menu and choose the New Customer option. If you already have an account, access your account and add a new phone to the account. As a new customer, you must set up an account with your name, address and payment details before activating the phone online.

The other option other than visiting a store is to activate by phone through Boost Mobile support. Call support at 1-866-402-7366 to activate the phone. The agent needs the number on the SIM card to set up the new account and associate the phone with your account. The setup process through the customer service hotline is helpful because the agent walks you through each step.

Non-Boost Mobile Phones

You also have the option to activate non-Boost Mobile phones on the Boost Mobile network. This opens the door to a large market of used cellphones. To make this work, you remove the old SIM card from the phone and buy a Boost Mobile SIM card. Without the SIM card, your phone is not eligible for the network

It's worth noting that not every used phone model works on the network. Go to the Boost Mobile website and enter the phone ID to determine eligibility first. The network works with iOS, Android and Windows phones, and most models are functional. The newest models are the ones least likely to work on the network.

You can also purchase the Boost Mobile kit, which comes with three different SIM cards. You can keep the spare cards and use them on different phones if you decide to change in the future. For example, you can use the Android SIM for a few months but have the option to switch to iOS on an iPhone if a deal comes along for a used model.

Choose Your Plan

The last step in the process is choosing your phone plan. You have a phone, a SIM and an account. The network offers options with plans for individuals and families. The plans are monthly with prices varying according to the number of lines and the amount of data used.

The plans have talk, text and data components, and they also have a hotspot element. The hotspot is limited by the available gigabytes of the plan you choose. You can use the hotspot to connect a computer or tablet to the internet. The hotspot option is nice to have, but you must watch the data usage to avoid running through the allotted amount before the month ends. The largest hotspot data plan offers 50 gigabytes of data each month, which is a substantial amount for the average user.