How to Activate Bluetooth on a Toshiba

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You can pair a PDA to your Toshiba via Bluetooth.

Most Toshiba laptops are preinstalled with the Windows 7 operating system. Some Toshiba laptops have a built-in Bluetooth feature that you can activate and deactivate to pair with other Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth lets you connect wirelessly to other electronics. When you activate the Bluetooth feature, you need to immediately pair it with another device such as a Bluetooth headset, cell phone or printer. Turn off the Toshiba Bluetooth feature on your computer when you are not using it to avoid conflict with other electronics.


Step 1

Turn on the Bluetooth discovery mode on your device. For example, if you want to pair a cell phone with the Toshiba laptop, navigate to the Bluetooth settings and turn it on. Hold the device near your laptop.

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Step 2

Go to "Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a Device" on your Toshiba laptop. Wait for your laptop to discover the other Bluetooth device in the vicinity. It will display a list of items to which it can connect.


Step 3

Click on the name of your device on the Toshiba laptop to pair it. Hit "Next." The window will display an eight-digit code.


Step 4

Type the code into your Bluetooth device to pair the two. Wait for it to connect and hit "Next." You should see a message that says, "This device has been successfully added." Hit "OK."



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