How to Backup a SIM Card

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I wanted to know how I could backup all of the phone numbers on my cell phone. I searched the internet for products that would do this task. I found a few devices that ran anywhere from $25-$70 plus shipping and handling. I decided to put off buying one of the devises until I could do some more research on what I was buying. I mentioned this situation to a co-worker (Mike G.), and he told be that I didn't have to spend a dime if I could get a hold of an older Nokia cell phone. Just my luck I had an old Nokia phone in my closet that was about 4 years old and was not being used. Read on to see how easy this task is. Besides backing up your SIM card you can also copy numbers from one SIM card to another and merge numbers from multiple SIM cards.


Step 1

Install the SIM card that you want to copy or backup into the older Nokia cell phone.

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Step 2

Turn on your old Nokia cell phone and press "contact" in the lower right corner

Step 3

Scroll down till you see "copy" on the menu

Step 4

Scroll down till you see "copy From SIM card to phone"


Step 5

Follow the prompts till all the numbers from the SIM card are copied to the phone

Step 6

Now turn off the phone and insert the destination SIM card.

Step 7

Repeat steps 2-3

Step 8

Scroll down till you see "copy From phone card to SIM"

Step 9

Follow the prompts till all the numbers from the phone card are copied to the destination SIM

Things You'll Need

  • Old Cellular Phone (Nokia).

  • One or more SIM cards that you want to either backup or copy.

  • A boat load of telephone numbers stored on one or more SIM cards.


This method works with any and all SIM cards, however I have only found that Nokia's have this two-way SIM copy feature Test this by simply backing up your SIM card before attempting to copy one to another.


Make sure your phone is fully charged before trying this. If the phone goes dead while copying you may loose data.