How to Boost the Signal to Get More Channels

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Rooftop antennas provide the best reception.

Even with completely digital channel lineups, using an antenna to receive signal on your television can still lead to frustration and missed scenes. Having a weak signal causes viewers to be unable to receive certain channels or have the channels they are receiving become interrupted, choppy or frozen. Knowing how and where to position your antenna and what type of equipment you need will help you boost your signal and receive more channels on your television.


Step 1

Check the wires that connect your television and antenna. Over time, wires can become loose or corroded. Adjust the wires accordingly to ensure a tight fit.

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Step 2

Use only high quality splitters if you split the antenna signal between multiple televisions.


Step 3

Adjust your antenna's rod height for VHF channels. The FCC advises extending the rods all with way out to receive channels 2 through 6 and reducing the length to 12-18 inches for channels 7 through 13. Channels 14-51 are UHF channels and are received by a circle, bow-tie or other type of element on your antenna.


Step 4

Choose an optimal location for your antenna. Ensure that it is as far as possible from other electronic devices to avoid interference. Placing your indoor antenna near a window and up high helps to improve reception.


Step 5

Install an in-line signal booster.


Step 6

Upgrade your antenna. If you live far from the signal transmitters, a roof-top or attic antenna may be necessary to boost your signal and get more channels.



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