How to Brighten a Dell Monitor Screen

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Dell monitor brightness problems are not uncommon but adjusting the settings is easy on most systems.
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Dell monitor brightness problems are not uncommon but adjusting the settings is easy on most systems. The process is controllable through the keyboard or the monitor directly depending on the model. In most cases, however, monitor settings are changed through the operating system. Mac and PC systems make it relatively easy to access and adjust these settings.


Add Brightness to Monitors

Increasing the brightness will help to illuminate the screen and better display the content. Oversaturating the screen through the highest brightness settings, however, can have a negative impact on the display. Find the brightness level that provides a comfortable frame of view for your specific needs.

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While changing resolution is sometimes possible with programs open, closing them will provide a clear view of the base screen. On a PC, close out of all programs and click Start to launch the main menu. Next, select the Control Panel to open a new dialogue box. Within the control panel, click on System followed by Display. The display settings are where changes are made to brightness settings, screen sizes and more. This area even allows for settings controls on multiple monitor systems.


After accessing the Display controls, select the appropriate monitor if multiple are attached to the system. If not, only one option is available. Choose the resolution drop-down box and select the preferred resolution setting. Click Apply to make the change permanent. After the change is made, check the brightness and return to the settings for further adjustments if necessary.

The screen brightness Windows 7 adjustments are very similar to Windows 8 and 10. Follow the general steps and the settings are easy to locate.


Other Adjustment Methods

Some monitor models offer physical controls on the actual monitor. The brightness controls are often displayed as a plus or minus symbol. Check the face and sides of your monitor for these controls. Do not be surprised if none are available. If they are present, however, use the manual buttons to adjust the brightness settings.

The next option for brightness settings is located on the keyboard. Many advanced keyboards have brightness controls located on the top row of options. The brightness is set as a sun icon and is easy to change when the keyboard offers the functionality.


Lastly, try holding the Fn key while simultaneously pressing the up arrow. On Dell laptops especially, this will often increase screen brightness. If this fails, revert to the control panel settings to manage the display. Using the manual process also opens the door to making other adjustments like resolution and screen size alterations to fit applications within a limited view.

Dell Monitor Auto Adjust

Consider implementing the auto-adjust settings feature while making changes in the control panel and display settings. This will ensure the monitor changes brightness gradually according to the light outside and battery life. It also eliminates the need to constantly make adjustments based on the amount of light outside. In a stable light setting like an office with overhead lights, this becomes less important.


Dell monitor brightness control locked setting will engage in the auto format. Keep this in mind and remove the auto-adjust feature to make any manual changes in the brightness settings. To make these changes, you must return to the control panel and locate the display settings. After accessing the display settings, implementing the changes requires only a few seconds.