How to Burn 7Gb ISO Files on 4.7Gb DVDs

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The ISO format is a high-compression data format. It is used to fit larger files into DVDs. Even though the available space in a DVD is 4.7GB, games and movies packaged in DVDs as ISO files turn bigger when extracted. This solution is not only available for industry use. Individuals can also fit big ISO files in regular DVD disks by shrinking with special software.


Step 1

Install the ISO-shrinking software. A popular example is DVD Shrink. Such software can be downloaded from their developer's website for a small fee.

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Step 2

Load the 7GB ISO file from the ISO-shrinking software. After launching the software, you'll see the option "Open Disc Image" under the "Open" tab. Specific placement of this option may vary. The software will automatically configure settings and compression ratios for the video, text and audio in the ISO file.


Step 3

Tweak the compression settings yourself. Often the default compression settings are not what you'd like. You can sacrifice some parts of the ISO for higher quality in other parts to save space.

Step 4

Build the ISO. By selecting the "Backup" option, you will be directed to specify a target directory to save the new ISO file. Encoding the new ISO file may take some time. The actual duration depends on the size of the original ISO. A 7GB ISO will take more than an hour to shrink.



Step 5

Launch your DVD authoring software. This is the program you use to burn disks on your computer. Common examples include Nero and Roxio. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.

Step 6

Add the 4.7GB ISO to the disk. From the interface of the DVD authoring software, select the new ISO image and move it to the disk.


Step 7

Burn the ISO on the DVD disk. You should see an option to burn an ISO DVD or a Data DVD. When the write process is completed, the disk will be ejected and/or you will be prompted.

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