How to Buy a Used TouchTunes Jukebox

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How to Buy a Used TouchTunes Jukebox. If you want a modern jukebox, then look no further than a TouchTunes jukebox. These jukeboxes have the ability to hold thousands of songs and are ideal for commercial use. To save money, you should look for a used TouchTunes jukebox.

Step 1

Buy a used TouchTunes jukebox from a going out of business sale. Since these jukeboxes are often for commercial use, look for sales when a bar or restaurant is closing. Many former bar owners are looking to sell their jukebox cheaply in order to get quick cash.


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Step 2

Check with vendors that sell TouchTunes jukeboxes. Current vendors include Mountain Coin and Shaffer Distributing Company. Inquire about their inventory and whether they have any used models available. Ask for a quote and compare that number to the cost of a new jukebox.

Step 3

Find out if all features still work on the used jukebox. Check the LED display as well as all of the hardware. If you have no idea how to tell if it is a good buy, bring along someone who knows about jukeboxes.



Step 4

Request that all software be included with the used TouchTunes jukebox. You can use the software to remotely access the TouchTunes library and program your jukebox via an Internet connection.




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