How to Change the Background Picture on the Desktop

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How to Change the Background Picture on the Desktop. You can change the background picture on your desktop or opt to use no picture at all. If you would like to see something different, you can use a picture supplied with your operating system or you can use one of your own images.


These instructions work for Windows 98. Instructions for other operating systems or versions may vary.

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Step 1

Click on the Start menu button. Then click on Settings and then on Control Panel.


Step 2

Double-click on the Display icon or text link. This will open a window named Display Properties.

Step 3

Click on Background if that tab is not selected. Click on one of the items that appear in the box labeled Wallpaper.


Step 4

Inspect the preview that appears above the Wallpaper menubox. Use the Display menu to the right to experiment with tiling, stretching or centering the picture that you are previewing.


Step 5

Click on Browse to use an image stored elsewhere on your hard drive. Locate the image and click Open.

Step 6

Click OK to change your background, or wallpaper. Click Cancel if you decide to maintain your current settings.

Things You'll Need

  • Photographic Print Papers

  • Computers

  • Digital Cameras

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Art And Graphics Software


For background pictures, you can use scanned or digital photographs, an image downloaded from the Internet, or perhaps some original artwork that you created in a graphics program. Graphics files suitable for use typically end with extensions of .bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .tif.


Wallpaper consisting of large image files will consume memory and system resources. Consider using a small image and tiling it if resources are scarce.



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