How to Change the Dish Remote Address

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The remote that controls your Dish Network Satellite receiver has a signal address that matches your receiver. However, sometimes a neighbor has the same signal address, which can lead to the remotes controlling another nearby receiver. Also, in some cases the remote and receiver may have different signal addresses that prevent the devices from communicating.


Changing the remote address will reduce the chance of interference from another remote and ensure it matches the receiver address.

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Step 1

Press the "System Info" button on the front of the receiver. Write the remote address that you see on the on-screen menu down for later reference. Leave this menu on screen while setting the remote address.


Step 2

Locate the "SAT" mode button on the remote. Press and hold down the button until the remote's button backlights turn on. Release the button and enter any number between 1 and 16 on the remote, except the number that appears in the Remote Address line on screen.

Step 3

Press the pound (#) button on the remote. A valid address is confirmed by the SAT button backlight flashing three times. If it does not flash three times, re-enter another number from 1 to 16. Once you get the confirmation, write down the new remote control address.



Step 4

Press the "Record" button on the remote. Look at the on-screen menu and verify that the Remote Address is the same address number that you just entered into the remote. This is important because if the number entered into the remote does not match the on-screen number, the remote will not control the receiver. If this happens, go back and repeat Step 2 and Step 3.

Step 5

Press "Select" on the remote control to exit the System Information screen and complete the change.




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