How to Change the Weather City on MSN

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The MSN Weather page can help you prepare for the day ahead.
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The local weather page at can be pretty handy, with its detailed breakdown of the weather for the day ahead, weather maps, videos and a forecast for the next five days. Handy, that is, if it's displaying the city you want to know about. If not, changing the forecast to display weather information for a new city is a straightforward process.


Step 1

Click "More saved locations" near the city name on the MSN Weather page, or simply hover the cursor over the text, to display menu options.

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Step 2

Click "Edit List" to open a new window.


Step 3

Enter the name of the city for which you want to know the weather in the text box and click "Add."

Step 4

Click the city from the list that is displayed. If several cities with the same name are listed, choose the one in the correct state.



Step 5

Click the up or down arrows next to city names to move a city to the top of the "Saved Locations" list. The order of the list is the same as the order the cities will appear on the Weather page.

Step 6

Click "Save" to keep your city stored for display when you revisit the Weather page.


You can identify your weather city by ZIP code instead entering the city name.


Your city choice will be stored as a cookie on your computer and will not appear if you use a different computer, unless you have registered a personal account at



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