How to Check on Availability of Direct TV High Speed Internet

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DirecTV offers more than just satellite programming. It also partners with DSL and satellite Internet companies to offer special rates on high-speed Internet. Any DirecTV customer can check on the availability of high-speed Internet offered through one of DirecTV's partners. High-speed Internet is available to almost all customers through DSL or, for more rural areas, satellite. Add high-speed Internet to your DirecTV package to be able to take full advantage of all DirecTV has to offer.


Step 1

Contact DirecTV. New customers, call 866-319-9838. Existing customers, call 800-531-5000.

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Step 2

Ask the customer support representative about the availability of high-speed DSL or satellite Internet.


Step 3

Provide the representative with your address or account number.


Step 4

Wait for the representative to check your address. If the service is available, the representative will let you know and provide you with information on pricing and installation.



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