How to Check on Availability of Direct TV High Speed Internet

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DirecTV offers more than just satellite programming. It also partners with DSL and satellite Internet companies to offer special rates on high-speed Internet. Any DirecTV customer can check on the availability of high-speed Internet offered through one of DirecTV's partners. High-speed Internet is available to almost all customers through DSL or, for more rural areas, satellite. Add high-speed Internet to your DirecTV package to be able to take full advantage of all DirecTV has to offer.

Step 1

Contact DirecTV. New customers, call 866-319-9838. Existing customers, call 800-531-5000.

Step 2

Ask the customer support representative about the availability of high-speed DSL or satellite Internet.

Step 3

Provide the representative with your address or account number.

Step 4

Wait for the representative to check your address. If the service is available, the representative will let you know and provide you with information on pricing and installation.


DirecTV has the following DSL partners: AT&T, Qwest, Verizon, CenturyLink, Cincinnati Bell, Windstream and TDS Telecom. DirecTV’s satellite partner is WildBlue.


DirecTV itself does not offer high-speed Internet. You must use one of DirecTV’s partners in order to receive any discounts. Additional equipment is necessary to receive high-speed Internet.