How to Check Your Verizon Cell Phone Voice-Mail Messages From Another Phone

Verizon Wireless allows you to check your cell phone's voice-mail messages from another phone as needed. This feature is convenient when you may be away from your cell phone or are in an area that does not allow your phone to get service. You can use any phone -- cellular or land line -- to check your Verizon voice-mail messages. Using another phone to access your voice-mail still allows you to listen to, save and delete messages as desired.

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You can check your Verizon Wireless voicemail from any other phone.


Dial the full 10-digit number associated with your Verizon Wireless cell phone.


Press the "#" key once your voice-mail greeting begins to play, before you are given an opportunity to leave a message.


Enter your Verizon Wireless voice-mail password and press the "#" key to confirm your entry.

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