How to Check Your Verizon Cell Phone Voice-Mail Messages From Another Phone

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The easiest way to check voicemail on Verizon is through your own Verizon phone, but that's not always an option.
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Ordinarily, the easiest way to check voicemail on Verizon is through your own Verizon phone, but that's not always an option. If you're traveling or in a workplace where mobile phones aren't permitted, or if your own phone is on the charger, you might occasionally need to check your messages from another phone.


The Usual Method Won't Work

Checking your voicemail from your own Verizon phone is straightforward. You press *86 on the phone or hold down the number 1 on the keypad to speed dial it. After your call is answered, you are prompted to enter your Verizon voicemail password or passcode. Then you can listen to or manage your messages.

If you're calling in from a borrowed phone, everything changes. Pressing *86 either does nothing or — if your friend's phone is also on Verizon — takes you to their mailbox. It's not like a web-based email account or a social media app, where you can log out of your friend's account and log back in with your username and password.


Calling In From Another Phone

Instead of using 86 to access your voicemail from another phone, you *dial your own 10-digit Verizon number. If you're one of the many people who don't remember their phone numbers, you can look up your number on the phone. On an Android phone, it is in **Settings under About Phone. Tap Status and then My phone number to see it. On iOS iPhones, it's under Settings and then Phone.

If you don't have physical access to your phone, the simplest option is to borrow and call from a phone belonging to somebody who has you in the contacts. If that's not an option, call someone who knows your number.


After you find and dial your number, wait for the phone to pick up. When it answers and your voicemail greeting begins to play, press the # key to interrupt it. At this point, you are prompted to enter your usual password or passcode. After you enter it, you have access to all the usual Verizon voicemail options. This approach works from either a mobile phone or a landline phone.

International Verizon Voicemail Number

If you travel a lot, it's useful to know that some countries' cellular phone systems don't allow you to call your own telephone number. Dozens of countries, including Mexico, have that restriction, and you should be aware of it before you leave home. Verizon maintains a list of those countries on its website, so it's easy to check.


If you're going to be spending time in one of the countries on the list, you can check your voicemail by calling 1 (845) 613-8700. This number works from your own phone as well as any other phone, so you can choose between those options based on convenience and whether any additional charges might apply from your location.

If you call in from your own phone, Verizon prompts you to confirm your phone number before continuing. If you call from another phone, you are prompted instead to enter your 10-digit phone number in full. After that, you enter your voicemail password or passcode to access the usual voicemail options.