How to Code Search on a Philips Universal Remote

By Andrew Smith

Your Philips universal remote can replace a television remote that you have misplaced or a remote that is no longer functioning properly. You can also use it to control a variety of different devices, meaning you would only need one remote for everything rather than one remote for each device. The code search option on the Philips universal remote lets you program the it without knowing the codes for the other devices.

Step 1

Press the “On” or “Power” button on the device you want to control with the Philips universal remote (such as the television set or cable box). The device must be on to use the code search function.

Step 2

Hold down the “Code Search” button on your Philips universal remote. The red light on the remote will turn on. Continue holding the button for about ten seconds until the light stays on.

Step 3

Press the button at the top of the Philips universal remote for the device from Step 1.

Step 4

Start pressing the “Channel Up” button on the Philips universal remote until the device you turned on responds to the remote by changing the channel. Each time you push the button, the remote tests another code. You might have to press the button hundreds of times before the device responds.

Step 5

Press “Mute” on the Philips universal remote to save the code on your remote.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your device does not have a "Channel Up" button, use the "Play" (this only works for a VCR) or the "Power" button. When the device responds, store the code as described in Step 5.