How to Code Search on a Philips Universal Remote

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One of the key advantages offered by a Philips Universal Remote is the ability to use the product in conjunction with a wide variety of media entertainment hardware. The secret to this functionality lies with the ability of the remote to acquire the necessary programming codes from a qualifying device. As you can imagine, this makes programming your television or cable box significantly easier. Learning how to program using a Philips Universal Remote can save you valuable time and energy over the long term.


How to Program a Philips Universal Remote

To initiate the code search with your remote, you first need to power on the device in question. Once the device is properly powered on, point your Philips Universal Remote at the device and press the "Code Search" button. This process may take some time, so be prepared to hold down this button for upward of 10 seconds before releasing it. You can release the Code Search button when the red light of the remote stays on continuously.

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When the light on the remote remains on, you can release the Code Search button. Press the specific device button on the top of your remote that corresponds to the hardware you are programming. For example, if you are controlling a TV, press the "TV" button. After this step, begin pressing the "Channel Up" button on your remote continuously. Each time you press the button, your remote attempts to find the corresponding code for your hardware. Your remote is successfully programmed when you press the "Channel Up" button and the TV channel changes in response.


At this point, you can use your remote much like you would the original remote for your device. After you have found the corresponding code, make sure you press the "Mute" button on your remote to save and embed the matched code. If you forget to complete this final step, the remote does not retain the code you have discovered, and you have to complete the process again at a later point.

If you have any questions about this process, you should consult with either the manual included with your remote or email the hardware service team at Philips. In either scenario, the chances are good that problems with your remote can be resolved relatively quickly. If, after repeated attempts, you still cannot get your remote to function properly, you may have an incompatible hardware unit.