How to Convert a CPI File

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CPI files come from newer digital camcorders.
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To convert a CPI file properly you must have the accompanying MTS file. The CPI file contains only specific metadata about the MTS file; no actual video footage is stored here. It stores data about the MTS video's aspect ratio and frame rate. Properly converting a video shot on a AVCHD camcorder requires both the MTS and the CPI.


Step 1

Buy MTS Converter for Mac ( if you are dealing with CPI and MTS files regularly. Apple's iMovie software doesn't automatically support this video format, so you must first convert the video and clip information files into a supported format, such as MOV, MP4 or MPEG. The MTS Converter for Mac application also handles a dozen more video formats. The program costs $35 as of December 2011.


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Use MTS Converter by Aiseesoft ( to convert your MTS video and accompanying CPI files to AVI, 3GP, WMV or FLV format on the Windows operating platform. It also supports formats compatible with Mac OS X computers. In addition to converting videos you can edit them before or after conversion. The software costs $35 as of December 2011, but you'll need to buy the version that works on your operating system.


Step 3

Download Free MTS Converter for Windows computers from the Top Seven Reviews website ( The software supports conversion from MTS and MTS2 formats to AVI, MP4 and WMV. You are able to adjust the output settings, such as frame rate, resolution, video and audio encoder codecs. Free MTS Converter is a good choice if you need only a few MTS and CPI files converted to a more widely used video format.


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