How to Convert Veg Video to AVI

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Sony Vegas is a popular and powerful video editing program. Files saved with a .veg extension are Sony Vegas project files. They are not completed video files that can be played like a .avi file. To convert a .veg video file to a .avi format file, you will need to render the .veg project file into a completed video. Sony Vegas offers many choices for output format, one of which is .avi.


Converting the .veg file into an .avi video

Step 1

Open Sony Vegas, and load the .veg file into the program.

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Step 2

Open the File menu, and select "Render As".


Step 3

Select the destination folder where you want the completed video to be saved.

Step 4

Enter the desired file name in the "Save As" field.


Step 5

Select "AVI" from the "Save as Type" field.

Step 6

Click "Save" to begin rendering the video.


AVI files are large and may take a long time to render.



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