How to Crack/Hack Password Protected Microsoft Word Documents

By Techwalla Contributor

It happens; you've forgotten your password to open a Microsoft Word Document. Now it's gone forever, right?Nope. You can recover the Microsoft Word Document Password to Modify the Word Document.This how-to can be used to gain access to someone's Word Document that you shouldn't. I do not condone this action and do not share this information to help anyone do this. This information is strictly shared to help you gain access to your own Word Documents that you have lost the password to.

Things You'll Need

  • A locked Microsoft Word Document
  • Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Step 1

You could spend months guessing the password and never ever get it. Unlike the movies, it doesn't tell you when you get a character correct. So you could spend the rest of your life guessing.OR........

Step 2

You could get a brute force attack program that will try millions of combination's until it gets it right. Could take minutes to months depending on how hard you make the password.

Step 3

So go to the link in "Resources" and download the brute force attack program. It comes with a trial version and follow the walk through. You just use the program to open the file, then setup the type of brute force attack you want to do. Then the program starts and will keep running until it opens the Word Document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Patience
  • Write down your password this time