How to Create an Email in Outlook to Be Sent by Someone Else

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Receiving a forwarded message allows recipients to trace the transmission history of the email. Outlook also allows delegates to be assigned with permissions to access others' email accounts. Another approach to drafting an email for another person to send involves typing and saving a draft email and then sending that draft to the person as an attachment. This approach enables users to maintain security of their email accounts and Outlook access while providing a solution to drafting communications for another to send. The recipient should download the draft email to his Outlook folder and finalize the communication before sending it.


Step 1

Launch Outlook and create a new email message (by selecting "New Message" under "File" or in the top toolbar).

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Step 2

Type the subject line and the body of the message; insert or type the recipient's email address in the "To" line if desired.


Step 3

Click the "Save" button on the top toolbar to save this message in the "Drafts" folder.

Step 4

Close the message.

Step 5

Create a new email message for the person who will be sending the email.


Step 6

Attach the draft email by clicking and holding the "Attachment" button on the top toolbar and selecting "Item" or "Attach Item."


Step 7

Click the "Drafts" folder in the Outlook directory and select the desired item.


Step 8

Make sure the option for "Attachment" is selected under the "Insert As" section in the "Insert Item" dialog box.

Step 9

Click the "OK" button.

Step 10

Instruct the recipient to save the attached email to his desktop and then drag the item to his "Drafts" folder in Outlook so that he can open the draft and complete sending the message.

Step 11

Click the "Send" button.


Outlook 2007 users can access the above functions through the tabbed options in the top toolbar or under the Office ribbon.

If the recipient is not using Outlook as her email application, select and drag the item from the Drafts folder to the desktop. Attach this item as a file in your email. The file should be saved and then dragged into the Draft folder of the recipient's email application.


Make sure the draft email is created as an HTML (default) message, not as a text-only message.



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