How to Delete a City on iPhone Weather

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Use the iPhone's Weather app to better plan your day.
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In addition to providing weather conditions and forecasts for your current location, the iPhone's Weather app lets you save other cities to the app, which is convenient for checking in on frequently visited places or places where friends and family live. If you accumulate too many cities in the app, scrolling through the list of cities becomes a hassle. Remove a city you no longer use to make finding the cities you still check easier to find.


Step 1

Tap the "Weather" icon to open the app. Tap the "Menu" icon to display a list of cities you have added to the app.

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Step 2

Locate a city you no longer need by scrolling through the list of cities. Swipe your finger from the right to the left across the city you'd like to delete.


Step 3

Tap the "Delete" button to remove the city. Tap any of the remaining cities to return to the Weather app information page or exit the Weather app by tapping the "Home" button.




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