How to Delete a JDate Account

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You can cancel a JDate account through the dating service's <ahref="https:"" us="" app="" jdate-jewish-singles-dating="" id484715536?mt="8""> </ahref="https:>iPhone or Android app or on its website.


According to JDate's Terms of Service, if you have a paid subscription to JDate and cancel your account midway through your billing cycle, you will not be given a refund for the remaining time in the billing period.

Cancel Using the Smartphone App

Step 1

Touch the Menu icon in the JDate app.

Step 2

Tap Settings to access the app's Settings menu.

Step 3

Select Remove My Profile.

Step 4

Touch the star next to one of the options when JDate asks why you're removing your profile.

Step 5

Touch the Remove My Profile button to cancel your account. A confirmation that your account has been cancelled appears.

Cancel Through JDate's Website

Step 1

On the JDate site, click Your Account.

Step 2

Click Remove My Profile.

Step 3

Choose a reason for canceling your account and click Remove. A confirmation appears that your account has been cancelled.