How to Delete a JDate Account

You can cancel a JDate account through the dating service's </ahref="https:>iPhone or Android app or on its website.

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Cancel Using the Smartphone App

Touch the Menu icon.

Touch the Menu icon in the JDate app.

Touch the "Settings" button.

Tap Settings to access the app's Settings menu.

Touch "Remove My Profile"

Select Remove My Profile.

Choose a reason.

Touch the star next to one of the options when JDate asks why you're removing your profile.

Touch "Remove My Profile."

Touch the Remove My Profile button to cancel your account. A confirmation that your account has been cancelled appears.

Cancel Through JDate's Website

Click "Your Account."

On the JDate site, click Your Account.

Click "Remove My Profile."

Click Remove My Profile.

Choose a reason and click "Remove."

Choose a reason for canceling your account and click Remove. A confirmation appears that your account has been cancelled.

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