How to Delete a USB Virtual Printer Port

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Delete a USB virtual printer port using the Device Manager on your PC.

A USB virtual printer port is simply a printer that is linked by software to a USB port. Because the port is virtual, it is not a physical port, which can make the concept confusing for some users to grasp. If you have a USB virtual printer port installed on your computer that you never use, delete it so it doesn’t consume unnecessary space on your computer’s memory. If you want to delete a USB virtual printer port, you can do so through your computer’s Device Manager.


Step 1

Click the “Start” button followed by “My Computer.” Select “Control Panel,” then click “System.” Click the “Hardware” tab followed by the “Device Manager” button.

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Step 2

Locate the USB virtual printer port that you want to delete within the list of devices in "Device Manager." Click on either the “Printers” or “Ports” submenu to find the printer port if it is not listed on the main list.


Step 3

Click on the USB virtual printer port to highlight it, then press the "Delete" key.




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