How to Delete Email Addresses From a Minolta Copier

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A Minolta copier saves email addresses when things are sent from an email address and printed or copied from there. If you wish to delete the emails from the Minolta copier once you are finished, or even just to clean out the copier's email queue, this is easy to do.

Step 1

Open your Minolta Copier program. This is on whatever computer you have associated with the printer and copier.


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Step 2

Click "Email queue" and scroll through the saved email addresses. When you see one you would like to delete, click on it and click "Delete."

Step 3

Remove the email addresses from the copier by clicking "Menu" on the screen of the copier. Choose "Email list" from the menu. Scroll through the emails. When you find one you would like to delete, highlight it with the up/down arrows, and press the red or "Cancel" button to delete each email address.




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