How to Delete Email History

If you use a shared computer, privacy can become an issue. Deleting your email history is one simple way to protect your privacy. While the exact method of deleting email history will vary depending on your email provider and browser, there are some basic steps that can be followed.

Step 1

Delete sent emails by clicking "Empty" next to your Sent messages box. Click "Yes" when asked if you are sure you want to delete these messages. If you do not have an Empty button next to your Sent box, open your Sent box and check all messages. Then click "Delete."

Step 2

To delete emails you have received, open you Inbox and check all received messages. Then press "Delete."

Step 3

Depending on your settings, your email may save deleted messages in a Trash folder. If so, click "Delete" next to your Trash folder. If you do not have a Delete button next to your Trash folder, open your Trash folder and check all the messages. Then click "Delete."

Step 4

To further delete email history you can click on the "History" button on the left-hand side of Internet Explorer. Open the day you wish to delete. Right-click on your email provider and select "Delete."


Always sign out of your email account when leaving the computer.

Use a strong password that contains numbers, letters and symbols.

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