How to Delete WhatsApp Backup Messages

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Deleting WhatsApp backup messages can free valuable memory.
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One of the most popular smartphone messaging apps available, WhatsApp automatically backs up every message sent or received for seven days, enabling you to restore any accidentally deleted conversations. While it is a nice safety net, the automatic message archiving devours lots of memory. WhatsApp provides simple methods for deleting chat messages but provides no way to delete the automatic backups. Deleting the backup messages to free those valuable internal resources requires downloading a free Android app called WCleaner.


Step 1

Download and install WCleaner (see Resources).

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Step 2

Open the WCleaner app to automatically initiate a phone scan and detect WhatsApp files. WCleaner will sort files into four categories: images, videos, audio and backups.


Step 3

Select the backup category to see the precise number of included files as well as the amount of space they occupy. Select a group of files or the individual files you would like to delete.


Step 4

Tap the trash can icon to delete the selected backup files.



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