How to Disconnect Twitter From Facebook

By Aaron Parson

Given how Twitter lends itself to frequent posting, the optional feature that posts every tweet to Facebook can lead to an excessive stream of Facebook updates. To stop the cross-posting, disable the link through your Twitter settings. To erase every tweet from Facebook as well, remove Twitter from Facebook's settings as well.

Disconnect Without Deleting Tweets on Facebook

Step 1

Log in to Twitter, click your profile image on the menu bar and choose **Settings**.

Step 2

Open the **Apps** tab and click **Login to Facebook**. Log in using your Facebook account.

Step 3

Uncheck **Post Retweets to Facebook** to cut back on Facebook posts by only sharing your original tweets.To turn off all posts, uncheck **Post to My Facebook Profile** to stop posting personal Facebook status updates. Uncheck **Post to My Facebook Page** to stop posting to the [Facebook Page]( for your organization or company.

Step 4

Press **Disconnect** to completely remove the link between Twitter and Facebook. No further warning appears after pressing the button -- if you want to use Twitter on Facebook again, you'll need to click **Connect to Facebook** to reconnect.

Disconnect and Delete Tweets on Facebook

Step 1

Log in to Facebook, open the menu and click **Settings**.

Step 2

Open the **Apps** page and click the **X** icon next to Twitter.

Step 3

Check the **Delete** option and press **Remove** to delete all of your tweets from Facebook and disconnect the two services. There's no way to undo deleting your posts on Facebook, but the tweets remain on your Twitter account.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click the "Edit" icon for Twitter on Facebook's Apps page to change the audience for your tweets, if you want to keep posting tweets but show them to fewer people.
  • Deleting an individual tweet from your Twitter account won't erase it from Facebook. Similarly, erasing a Facebook post that originated from Twitter won't erase the original tweet.