How to Download a zip File

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A file can become too big to either store conveniently, send quickly through e-mail or download from a website. This is especially true if it contains a program or video. Many e-mail programs limit the size of file attachments as well. For example, Gmail allows a maximum message size of 25MB. (REFERENCE 1) In such cases, a program such as WinZip can compress the file to reduce its size.


Step 1

(REFERENCE 2) Right-click the zip file link and choose "Save Link As" from the popup. The "Save" dialogue appears. The "File Name" box should reveal a title ending in the zip extension such as ""

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If the box shows an extension ending in a number such as "myvideo.z01," you have a split zip file, which consists of several sequentially numbered extensions with the same name such as "myvideo.z02" and "myvideo.z03." You need to download all the pieces for later assembly. (REFERENCE 3)


Step 2

Navigate to the folder where you'll store the file or files you're downloading. If you are downloading split zip pieces, make sure all the parts go into the same folder. Enter a new file name or accept the default one and click "Save" to download the file to your computer.



Step 3

Download, install and run an unzip program such as the free 7-Zip or the commercial WinZip, both of which are linked under Resources. Open the zip file through the program to restore it to its original size. If you have split files, the application may only reveal the first one in the sequence. However, as long as all pieces are under the same directory, you can select the first one to automatically rejoin all the parts and decompress the assembled original.



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