How to Download Free Hindi Songs on Your MP3 Player

By Steve McDonnell

This article presents a sample of five websites that offer free Hindi songs to download. You can copy the songs to your MP3 player with Windows Media Player.

A number of websites offer free libraries of Hindi songs to download and listen to on your MP3 player or mobile device. These and other song download sites mostly share similar download procedures. After you download songs, you can transfer them to your MP3 player using Windows Media Player.

Sample Websites and Instructions to Download Music


Some websites with free Hindi songs are supported by ads and will pop up ad windows on your screen. Close the ad windows without clicking on any of the content inside the window. has a free download section of Hindi songs. Choose a song you like, select the blue Free Mp3 button and choose Save to download the song to your computer. Repeat the process to download additional songs.

Hindi MP3 Download

There is a large free song selection on the Hindi MP3 Download site. Click a song or album to open a page that displays the songs you can download. Right-click a song, choose Save Target As and save the song to your hard drive. Select additional songs using the same process.

Hindi MP3 Download

Songs PK

Browse the list of albums and songs on the Songs PK site and click the link to open a page for that album or song. Right-click the Download box next to the player, choose Save Target As... and save the song to your computer.

Songs PK


There are many Hindi songs you can download for free on the DownloadMing site. Locate the song you want to download and click it to open the page for the song. Right-click the download link, choose Save Target As... and save the MP3 file to your computer.



Many of the latest Hindi MP3 songs are available for you to download on MP3Hungama. Click an album or category to open its page. Then, click the blue Download button next to the song you want to download. Right-click the link in the window that opens and choose Save Target As to save it to your computer.


Transferring Music to Your MP3 Player

Step 1

Launch Windows Media Player. Click the Sync tab on the right side of the screen, highlight the songs you want to transfer to your MP3 player. Hold down the left mouse button, drag the highlighted songs to the Sync List window and release the mouse button to drop them and create a sync playlist.

Create Sync Playlist

Step 2

Connect your MP3 player to your computer using a USB cable. After Windows Media Player recognizes your player and displays it in the Sync window, choose Start Sync to transfer the music to your MP3 player.

Sync to MP3 Player


You can browse the music download sites with your mobile phone or tablet and download the MP3 files to your mobile device instead of your computer. Use the built-in music player on your device to listen to the music.