How to Download Video From Baidu

China's answer to Google, Baidu is a search engine aimed at speakers of Mandarin Chinese within mainland China. As is the case with Google, Baidu is a multi-functional search engine capable of retrieving multimedia such as pictures and videos in addition to Web pages. As a result of lax copyright regulations within China, it's possible to download videos directly from Baidu. Use prudence when doing this, however -- if you suspect a video is copyrighted, don't download it onto your computer.

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Navigate to the Baidu homepage, click the characters that display second-to-right, which represent video, and enter your search term. Hit the "Enter" key.


Scroll through your video results until you find the video of your choice. Click its link or thumbnail preview image to open it.


Click the two characters below the bottom, right corner of the video, which mean "Save." Choose a location on your computer, give the file a name and click "Save."

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