How to Edit a Video With GIMP

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Editing movies with GIMP can take an extremely long time and can only be completed with a third-party plug-in.

By default, GIMP is free-to-use photo editing and creation software that is completely supported by donations. The software can do much more than pre-installed photo-editing tools, such as Microsoft Paint, but the developers do not include support to edit videos. A third-party add-on has been created that gives the software some video editing tools, but you'll have to edit one frame at a time.


Step 1

Download and install Schumaml's video-editor third-party tool for GIMP.

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Step 2

Start GIMP from the desktop shortcut or from the Start menu.

Step 3

Activate Schumaml's video editing add-in. You can find the tools for the add-in under the "Dockable Dialogs" window in the Windows menu.


Step 4

Open the video you want to edit. As long as the add-in is installed, GIMP will allow you to open any .AVI file.

Step 5

Edit any frames that need to be changed. Use the tools you activated to navigate frame-by-frame while making any appropriate changes.

Step 6

Save the edited video.