How to Enable the Toughbook Touch Screen

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Panasonic's Toughbook line of rugged laptops includes some models with touch-screen capabilities. If you're having trouble using the touch screen, Panasonic recommends installing the latest touch-screen driver for the Toughbook model you own. Drivers help your computer's hardware work correctly with other hardware components and your operating system -- without the touch-screen driver, you can't use the Toughbook's touch screen.


Step 1

Lift up your Toughbook carefully and look on the bottom for the model number, located on a sticker covering a grey rectangle on the laptop's underside. The model number differs by Toughbook model but features "CF-" and nine other letters or numbers.

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Step 2

Go to Panasonic's online Computer Support Downloads site. This page features all drivers for the company's Toughbook laptops. Under the Search For box, select All Drivers. Pull down the Model Number menu and select the option that matches the first part of your model number, such as "CF-74."


Step 3

Open the Model Version drop-down menu and select the option featuring the sixth character in your model version. For example, if your model number is "CF-19FAXX0SM," choose "CF-19F/G/H (mk2)," since "F" is the model number's sixth character, including the hyphen.


Step 4

Select the Toughbook's operating system with the fourth drop-down menu and choose English (North American) in the Language box. Click the Search button.

Step 5

Scroll down to Touchscreen Driver and click the Download button to the right of the driver information. Click the Download button on the new page. If given the option by your Web browser, save the file somewhere that's easy to remember, such as your desktop. Otherwise, take note of the default download location.



Step 6

Go to the driver download location and double-click the file. If the download was a compressed folder instead of a single file, right-click the folder and choose "Extract All." Select an extraction location, such as your desktop, and extract the folder.

Step 7

Open the extracted folder and double-click FTsetup. Without changing any of the default settings, follow the on-screen instructions. When finished installing, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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