How to Erase All Email at Once on an iPad

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The iPad is a tablet computer that uses Apple's iOS operating system. The iPad's Mail application manages and stores email messages on your device. The Mail application does not offer a one-touch solution to delete all your email messages from the Mail application. However, you can manually select multiple email messages to delete simultaneously from the iPad's Mail application.


Step 1

Tap the "Mail" icon on your iPad.

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Step 2

Select the mailbox that contains the email messages you want to delete.

Step 3

Tap the "Edit" button.


Step 4

Manually tap the circle located to the left of every email message that you want to delete. As you tap the circle you will see a red circle with a check-mark displayed.


Step 5

Tap the red "Delete" button located in the lower-left corner to simultaneously delete all selected email messages at the same time.



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