How to Find a Name to Match a Phone Number

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Performing a reverse telephone number lookup can provide you with the name of the person to whom an unfamiliar phone number is registered.

Virtually everyone has missed a call, only to see an unfamiliar phone number show up on the phone's display. Or perhaps you have written down an important telephone number and forgotten who it belongs to. Despite the usefulness of Caller ID and your handy address book, some phone numbers still present a mystery as to who is on the other end. In order to unlock the great mystery of the missing name, you can perform what is called a reverse telephone number lookup, a function that is readily available for free via several people-finder websites.

Step 1

Point your web browser to your favorite people search website. Examples of legitimate, no-cost people finders include WhitePages, Yahoo! People Search and WhoWhere?. For a more extensive listing of people finder websites, search under the term "people finder." Some of these sites such as Spokeo dig up additional information on the person from his activity around the web including social networking sites, blogs, pictures and videos he has recently posted.

Step 2

In the Reverse Phone Number field, type the phone number for which you would like to obtain a name. "Reverse" simply means you are searching for someone based on their telephone number rather than their full name; the opposite of how you would normally search for someone.

Step 3

Click Find or Search (depending on the website you are using). If the telephone number is not blocked in any way, the person's name appears in a list or by itself.

Step 4

If you would like additional information on the person, click their name to be redirected to a third-party website. Be aware that you will have to pay a fee for any additional data.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone

  • Computer

  • Internet Service

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