How to Find a Netgear IP Address

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If you have a Netgear router installed on your network, you need the IP address to access the router's configuration console. You can use an MS-DOS command called "Tracert" to identify the IP address for the router. The tracert command sends a small packet of information and returns the IP address for each router it passes. Since the Netgear router is located on your network, it is the first hop the packet makes. The first IP address shown in the DOS command prompt output is that of the Netgear router.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Run." Enter "cmd" into the text box. If you are running Windows 98 or 95, enter "command" to open the MS-DOS command prompt.

Step 2

Enter "tracert" into the command prompt. When you enter this command without specifying a host, the output shows you the proper syntax.

Step 3

Enter "tracert " into the DOS prompt. You can choose any domain for testing purposes. The only requirement is that the domain is external to the network so the packet will exit using the router. (Tracert is a tool also known as "traceroute.")

Step 4

View the output in the command prompt. The first IP address listed is your router's internal IP address. For most default network settings, the IP address is