How to Find Out the Registered Name on a Dell Laptop

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Buying a used or refurbished laptop can be a great way to save money on pricey computers. It can also present unique problems, such as what to do when transferring the computer's registration from one owner to another. Dell makes it relatively easy to address these problems by including a barcode on the back of each of their computers which list the current owner's information. If you need to locate the name of that person for purposes of changing registration or locating the owner of a stolen laptop, then follow these simple steps.


Things You'll Need

  • Dell latptop

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Finding the Registered Name

Step 1

Locate the service tag on the back of your Dell laptop. The tag is a 5-to-7 digit alphanumeric code located on a white barcoded label. It looks similar to the bar code you'd see on a product in any store.


Step 2

Go to the Dell website ( then click on "product support."

Step 3

Select "system configuation" from the menu and enter your service tag information into the "service tag" box and click "continue."



Step 4

Read the text in the following page. All of the information related to the ownership of and registration of the computer should be listed--including the owner's name. This is all the information you will need to transfer ownership of the laptop.



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