How to Find Printable Coupons Online

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Find Printable Coupons Online

Savvy shoppers are reducing their costs with online printable coupons. Page after page of online deals are available for shoppers looking to save on groceries, hotel rooms, household items and entertainment. Find out how online bargain hunters are stretching their paychecks with savings found on the Internet. From brand names you can recognize to new products entering the market, you can save with printable coupons for deals on holiday gifts, travel and much more.


Step 1

Search for online coupon sites. Input the following words into a search engine: "coupon code," "online coupons" and "printable coupons." An Internet search will help you also find websites that feature coupons for specific products. Determine if the website is legitimate before printing any coupons. Look carefully at the recommendations from other online users to prevent any misrepresentations of the website's offers and practices to avoid being duped.

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Step 2

Compare each online coupon website's usage requirement. Some websites require membership to print online coupons. Others ask you to join their e-newsletter to gain access to their coupon database. Research the website's user agreement to find the basic requirements for downloading printable coupons. At this step, determine if buying an individual item online is an easier and cheaper option than printing out the coupon for an offline purchase.


Step 3

Register to receive Internet-only deals from your favorite retailers. After compiling a list of online coupon retailers using your favorite search engine, sign up for each website's coupon alerts. You'll receive daily and weekly notifications for online coupons and special retailer offers. Add your state and ZIP code when registering for a printable coupon site to receive local and national offers.


Step 4

Use a coupon search engine. Sites including RetailmeNot, Wow-Coupons and Slick Deals will compile coupons for you easily. Just enter the name of the product into the coupon search engine, and these websites will give you a detailed list of the current offers available. Bookmark your favorite sites to help find printable coupons quickly. (See Resources below for links to these sites.)


Print your online coupon in its entirety. To prevent any problems with the retailer honoring your printed coupon, don't remove the website address where you found the code online. Visit the website of the retailer to find printable coupon offers as well.


Due to the numerous opportunities for fraud with printed coupons, brick and mortar merchants are not honoring online printable coupons as their stores. Call your local grocery stores first before you download and print online coupons.