How to Find School Yearbooks Online

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Photos of old classmates can be found by searching through digitized yearbooks.

Old high school yearbooks bring back memories as few other things can. Photos, articles, and well-wishes from friends are reminders of days gone by, evoking the fashions, hairstyles and musical tastes of your youth. Whether it is a photo of a favorite teacher, an image of a club, team or band, or a memento from a sweetheart tucked between the pages, such reminders are something to savor. If you are seeking old yearbooks online, there are assuredly people willing to help you achieve your goal.


Step 1

Navigate to the E-Yearbook website. Databases are arranged on this site by type of yearbook (middle school, high school, college, or military) and by state and school. Vintage yearbooks reaching back as far as the 1920s have been digitized and their contents made available for free browsing.


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Step 2

Use your Web browser to load the Old-Yearbooks website. The site features digitized yearbooks dating back over a century. Class, team, and faculty photos have been scanned by page and can be viewed for free. A printer-friendly format is also available.

Step 3

Buy old yearbooks online. Go to the Our Class Reunion site and click on "Yearbooks for sale." This will take you to an index of yearbooks offered for sale through Ebay. These date from the 1920s through the early 21st century, and can be searched by year and price.




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