How to Find Someone's Email on Facebook

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You can find people's email on Facebook.
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Facebook is a great networking tool, whether you're making business connections or catching up with faraway relatives. Although you can contact someone directly using Facebook Messenger, there may be occasions when you might want to reach out to those contacts outside the platform. You can sometimes find someone's email address in the About section on their profile, but you are more likely to have to reach out via Messenger to get someone's email address.


Find Facebook Emails

If you're lucky, the person you're tracking down included an email address on Facebook and set it to "public." Before you dig any further, check the person's About tab, available at the top of any personal profile. Even if the email field is blank, there may still be a way to get a person's email address from Facebook.

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Facebook Pages is also a great source of email information. If the person you're trying to contact has a page, a professional email address is likely included under the About section of that page. Also, check the person's employer. Sometimes businesses list email addresses for multiple staff members on their Facebook Pages.


Find Your Facebook-Connected Email

You likely have multiple email addresses at this point in your life. If so, you may not remember which email address you used when you signed up for Facebook. There are several times you need access to that information, including when you request admission to a private or secret group. The administrators need the email address Facebook has in its database for you to add you to those types of groups.

To look up your Facebook-connected email address, choose the drop-down arrow next to your photo in the upper-right corner of your Facebook profile. Select "Settings." If you want to change the email address listed in your General settings, click "Edit" next "Contact" and select "Add another email or mobile number." Once you add it, you can make it your primary.


Download Your Facebook Contact List

Your Facebook friends list can be a valuable source of information if you are planning an event or building a sales list. To export your contact list, go to Facebook and choose the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner to go to Settings.

In settings, choose "Your Facebook Information" and "Download Your Information." Click "Deselect All" and check only "Friends." Change the format from HTML to JSON. Click on "Create File" and wait for Facebook to generate the file and email it to you. It will show up in your Facebook-connected email account. You are redirected to Facebook to download the completed file.


The ZIP file you receive won't be usable without more adjustment, though. Find an online converter and convert the JSON file to an Excel file to give you a spreadsheet you can manage. You are unlikely to get many email addresses this way because many people decline to make their email addresses publicly available on the platform.

Ask for Email Address

Most of your friends won't make it easy for you to find their email addresses. It's nothing personal against you; they don't want strangers to be able to grab their contact information easily. If it's someone you know, you can reach out via Facebook Messenger to request an email address. You can also email the person through Messenger in lieu of an email address.


If you're trying to build a contact database, you probably won't want to reach out to each person individually for an email address. One option is to create a sign-up form and invite all your Facebook friends to complete it. Google Forms is a quick way to do this type of thing, and it gives you a handy link you can share on your feed.