How to Get a Free Phone Upgrade With Sprint

By Maxwell Payne

Sprint is a large cell phone service provider that offers a variety of phone plans and phone handsets. Cell phone contracts that Sprint offers to their customers allow you to purchase cell phone handsets at a discount and even free in some cases. New customers and some existing customers are eligible for low cost or free handset upgrades from Sprint. There are a few factors that determine eligibility for a free cell phone upgrade.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet access (optional)

Step 1

Verify that you are eligible for a cell phone handset upgrade. According to Sprint, this includes having a contract rate plan of $39.99 a month or more. Note that this amount must be before taxes. You must also wait at least one year from the date of your last contract extension or 22 months after your last contract extension for a 2 year contract. (See References)

Step 2

Log onto the Sprint PCS website. (See Resources) Enter your user name and password. If you do not yet have one, click on "Register for Access." Online access to your account and upgrading information are free.

Step 3

Click on "Upgrade phone" and select the phone number of the line you want to upgrade. Browse the selection of phones available. Look for handsets whose final cost is $0.00. Next to each handset will be a list including the original price, the upgrade price and any online discounts. Select the phone you want and click the "Upgrade" option followed by "Select." You will be directed to the checkout. Fill out your mailing address and billing information. Existing customers have the option of having any taxes or additional accessory purchases billed to their next monthly phone bill.

Step 4

Agree to a one or two year contract extension. For specific phones, you may be required to get the longer two year contract to get the free upgrade. Online you may be required to indicate that you accept the terms of the contract agreement by clicking on a check box near the bottom of the contract. This serves as your "signature" on the contract.

Tips & Warnings

  • Order upgrades online to have the $18 upgrade fee waived. Sprint charges this fee for in store upgrades. (See References)
  • Read the fine print of the offer. Some "free" handsets may be free after a mail in rebate. Be sure you fill out the rebate form if one comes with the handset and include all required documents.