How to Get Codes For Swagbucks

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Search and Win

Here are the tips and tricks swagbucks doesn't tell you about earning more swagbucks. Follow these steps and you can spike your number of swagbucks earned a day and be on your way to earning more free prizes.


Step 1

In order to earn Swagbucks you first need to be a member of the site. I have put a link to the site below where you can set yours up. Open the link in a new window and sign up. When you sign up make sure you enter "CASHISKING" into the code box. It will give you an automatic 5 bucks to start off.


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Step 2

Once you have earned your first few bucks, take the banners they give you in the "promote" part of your screen and put them on your blog and promote your referral link. For every points one of your referrals earns, you get one as well. This helps earn the free prizes faster.

Step 3

Tell your friends about it and have them sign up under your referral link so that you both can earn bucks. Also look around the web for swagbuck codes that haven't expired. You have to be quick about it.


Step 4

The average user only earns about 2-5 bucks a day using the search engine because thats about how much they let you have, but what you can do is sign off you account with them and do searching. You can search for anything from free prizes to toenail clippings, as long as you are not trying to cheat the system bysearching jumbled letters.


Step 5

Another way to get more swagbucks a day is to have a proxy server. A proxy server changes your IP address making Swagbucks unfamiliar with your computer allowing you to search and earn points instantly but i don't promote doing that because it is against their TOS agreement. Use it in your own discretion.


Step 6

Subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on twitter. Sometimes they give out promo codes that can be redeemed for swagbucks. The other ways you can earn swagbucks are fruitless. They take a lot of effort and yield little in return. In all truth, don't expect much from Swagbucks, they make it extremely hard to earn points and win prizes, there is actually an alternative to it that makes it easier to get high priced prizes like iPods and game consoles. I linked it below.

Things You'll Need

  • Patience

  • Internet

  • SwagBucks account

  • 15-20 mins/day


Check out the Swagbucks alternative below