How to Have a Three-Way Conference on Polycom SoundStation2W

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Use the mobile-phone input to give the device control over your smartphone.
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The Polycom SoundStation2W has a dedicated Conference feature designed to help you hold conversations with multiple parties simultaneously. To add people to your calls, you simply press the Conference button on the device. Note that to use the conferencing feature on the SoundStation2W, your telephone system must have multi-line support.


Step 1

Use the keypad to place a call to the first person with whom you want to hold a conversation. Wait until the person answers and is actively on the call with you before proceeding.

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Step 2

Press the "Conference" button -- marked with an icon resembling a group of people -- on the SoundStation2W. The button is located just to the left of the number "7" key on the keypad. The person you're currently on a call with is automatically placed on hold.


Step 3

Dial the number of the other person you want to add to the three-way conversation. Wait for this person to answer before proceeding.

Step 4

Press the "Conference" or "Join" button to add this person to the existing conversation.


Alternatively, you can initiate a three-way conversation by pressing the “Hold” button to put the first caller on hold, pressing the “Conference” button and dialing the number for the third party. When this person answers the call, she is automatically added to the conversation with the person on hold. When you’re in a three-way conversation, press the “Conference” button to remove the most recent person you added to the call. This person is automatically removed from the call and your original two-way conversation resumes. The Join button is one of the Soft Keys found beneath the LCD on the SoundStation2W. The function of these keys changes depending on what’s currently happening on the device. In this instance, one of the three Soft Keys is labelled “Join,” but this label only appears when you have a caller on hold. The SoundStation2W has a mobile-phone mode that enables you to use the unit to control the telephone functionality on your smartphone. This feature can be particularly handy when you need to hold a conference call in a location without an analog phone line. To activate Mobile Phone mode, connect your smartphone to the mobile-phone input jack on the SoundStation2W using the cable that cable with the SoundStation. This jack is located on the right side of the device. Plug one end of the cable into this jack and the other into the headphone jack on your phone.