How to Hide a Phone Number When Placing a Call

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How to Hide a Phone Number When Placing a Call. In today's communication frenzied, security-conscious world, finding effective ways to secure your identity are essential. Most cell and residential phones in use are equipped with caller identification systems that reveal the origin of your call. However, there are a few techniques you can use to block your phone number and name on all outgoing calls or with selected calls.


Step 1

Dial *67 before you call someone who you don't want to see your phone number. This blocks your number and connects your call without revealing your identity.

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Step 2

Contact your phone carrier and request a complete line block for a more permanent solution. With this option, you conceal your identity on every call you make. You can temporarily disable this feature by dialing #82.



Step 3

Confirm your service is working periodically. Call another phone with caller ID and view the results. Contact your phone carrier immediately if you find your caller ID blocking service is not working.


Even when you block your phone number, 911 lines and 800 numbers still have access to your phone line. Stop harassing text messages by contacting your phone carrier and requesting a block. You can't block single numbers. Text message blocking blocks all outgoing and incoming messages.


Blocking your phone number to make harassing calls can result in serious state and federal penalties, including fines and jail time. The police can always trace the origin if you receive charges.