How to Hook Up Outdoor Speakers to a TV

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A simple RCA cable can connect your TV to your outdoor speakers.

Outdoor speakers are made to withstand the hot, cold, wet and dirty conditions that exist outside. They are often made from very tough materials and weather-tight cases. Outdoor speakers can be used to play any audio source, including audio from a television. Hooking up your outdoor speakers to a TV can allow you to hear the big game while barbecuing, or listen to a televised concert while gardening.


Step 1

Locate the audio output on your TV. The output should be located on the back or sides of your TV. The output consists of a white port and a red port.

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Step 2

Locate the audio input on the receiver which powers your outdoor speakers. Like the output on the TV, the audio input should have a red port and white port. Some receivers may have several audio inputs for different devices including Tape, CD, DVD, TV and AUX. The names exist to help you organize your connected devices, but you can use any of the audio inputs for your TV.


Step 3

Connect an RCA cable between your TV audio output and your outdoor speaker receiver's audio input. RCA cables are color coded to prevent confusion when connecting devices. Match the cable colors to the port colors. You may need a long RCA cable if your TV and outdoor speaker receiver are far away from each other.



Step 4

Turn your TV on and turn to the program you wish to watch.

Step 5

Turn your outdoor speaker receiver on and select the input that your TV is connected to. The names above the inputs on the back of the receiver correlate to the inputs you can select. For example, if you hooked up your TV to the AUX input, select AUX on the receiver.

Step 6

Adjust the volume of your outdoor speakers so that you can clearly hear the audio from your television program.



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